Superiour Storage Solutions!

Containers to Cover All Needs

At JGS Containers in Waxahachie, we are confident that you will be able to obtain any type of container for almost any type of need. Here is a list of the most common uses for our cargo containers.

  • Construction - Our containers are perfect for onsite storage, cost-effective job site advertising, and job site offices.
  • Ranches & Farming - Ranches and farms have used our containers for feed storage, storage for fencing, equipment parts, and tractor storage.
  • Oilfields - Cargo containers make for easily portable onsite storage at the oil/gas derrick. Used for storage of maintenance equipment and other oil field supplies.
  • Tire Shops - We've had tire shops purchase containers for onsite storage of used and new tires, as well as storage for tools and equipment.
  • Golf Courses - We've been excited to offer Texas-based golf courses with our containers to store mowing and maintenance equipment, golf carts and spare parts, along with parts and supplies for pool and lake equipment.
  • Gun Ranges - Our containers are perfect for all of the yard maintenance equipment, as well as the equipment to run the gun range. These shipping containers can also be used as a location to hold courses about gun safety or concealed gun certifications.
  • Individuals - Many individuals have come to us for storage containers for use to house their lawn equipment, help with moving, additional general storage for furniture, and estate storage.
  • Manufacturers - Manufacturers have high demand for adequate storage containers for products, parts, and equipment.
  • Deer Lease Conversions - One of our favorite uses for our cargo containers has been for the use and conversion of our containers to cabins. Of course, they are also used for feed storage, storage for feeders, ATV 4 Wheelers, ATVs, off-road vehicles, deer blinds, and deer lease equipment.